Feruci Planters

Feruci Patio Furniture Planters come in LED glow in the dark programmable form and in HDPE wicker form. They are made for spaws, hotels, restaurants and more. The LED light ones have 7 different colors and tons of customization, they are wireless and can really hold plants. The wicker furniture ones come in brown or grey and come in several sizes deepening on need. Ask about our Quickship Program for the fastest shipping in Miami, Florida and anywhere in the US.

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LED Planters

Description Sku D x W x H
35 Height F51-P35 35 Height
38 Height F51-P38 38 Height



Description Sku D x W x H
Planter 26 w/ inner box F42-26 26 inch
Planter 43 w/ inner box F42-43 43 inch