Led Lights

Feruci LED Lights

Feruci LED Lights are remote controlled and programmable. They are perfect for Poolside furniture, spa furniture, outdoor patio spaces and anywhere that needs lighting. They float, and are Electricity safe, They are wireless and can be charged. Easy to use programmable remote. Ask about our Quickship Program for the fastest shipping in Miami, Florida and anywhere in the US.

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Ice Bucket

Description Sku D x W x H

LED Cube

Description Sku D x W x H
16X16 INCH F51-Q 16 x 16 x 16

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LED Planters

Description Sku D x W x H
35 Height F51-P35 35 Height
38 Height F51-P38 38 Height



LED Round

Description Sku D x W x H
Round Ball           w/remote 16 Round F51-B16 16 Round
20 Round F52-B20 20 Round
24 Round F52-B24 24 Round