For more than 10 years, Feruci Patio Furniture has been designing and manufacturing Commercial Grade Outdoor Furniture, Umbrellas, Gazebos and also provides an in-house custom upholstery service. Our large inventory allows us to offer a true Quick Ship Program on all our models as well as a huge selection of Sunbrella fabrics for both custom and catalog orders. Our goal is to produce well-designed, quality, easy to maintain products that will last and withstand extreme weather conditions. All you have to do is relax and enjoy…


With our ‘In-house’ cutting and sewing facility, we offer any kind of Outdoor Upholstery, Umbrellas, Re slings, Canopies, Custom Cushions, Cabanas, Toss pillows …….. with a very quick turnover.
With a wide selection of stripes, solids, and prints, we have the best outdoor fabric for your needs.
We have worked with major Hotel chains and Condominiums all over the US, the Caribbean, and South America.
The majority of the fabric we use is Sunbrella Upholstery Grade and Sunbrella Marine Grade but we also offer a large variety of different Fabric and Mesh brands from Europe, COM order is welcome since our company has always been Designers friendly.
Our Outdoor Fabrics and Foams will make your furniture and cushions look better all year long.

7 Reasons Why Feruci is the right choice!

If you are looking for outdoor commercial patio furniture then look no further than Feruci Patio furniture. Our furniture are all commercial grade and outlast all our competitor thanks to our HDPE, Powdered industrial grade aluminium and Sunbrella fabrics. Invest in quality instead of having to replace your hotel furniture every year because of needless wear and tare. The People that know furniture, trust Feruci.

We are trusted by large hotels chains like Hilton, Fairnount, Morton’s , four season, Eden Roc, Trump Hotels and more! Our showrooms have been featured at Highpoint marketplace and furniture expo for over 10 years and continue to be a showstopper for prospective buyers. What makes our furniture better than any you will find at places like Home depot , Lowes and the other retail stores.


1st – We don’t cut corners. Most Stores  save on production costs by using cheap materials but not Feruci. Our furniture is 100% Aluminium Steel frame with HDPE commercial grade fibers and Sunbrella fabrics. For those who know about fabrics Sunbrella is King. No better quality is possible.

2nd – Price. Because We do all our upholstery inhouse and use our own designers that live and work in the US, we are able to sell products at much lower prices than competitors while maintaining higher quality and durability. We also have our own delivery trucks and shipping and have a huge selection of quick-ship items.

3rd – Quickship and Stock – WE Ship Faster! that’s a fact. If you’re a hotel or restaurant designer, you don’t have time to wait for your shipment to arrive in two months once they are shipped from China or who knows where. We  Stock everything in our warehouse and can meet large orders in the thousands with ease. And thanks to our quickship program we can have it at your hotel , restaurant or hospitality space, and yes even private homes in days, not months. Large orders are not an issue. We are ready to ship NOW.

4rd – Durability – Our furniture is made to survive even the toughest environment.  Our main clients go thru Hurricanes, Florida winds, floods, and yes, even people. We know the damage Hurricane 5 wind and red wine can do to fabrics.That is why we use commercial grade products and stain proof Sunbrella fabrics. Because Furniture that has to be replace every few months is not worth the investment on your part.

5th – Design – They say form Follows function in ergonomic design , and that could not be more true. But what exactly is ergonomic design. For Feruci, design means design that works within the aestetics of the project, the style and its intended use. Some Crazy designs made by some of our competitors that shall rename nameless can make chairs that while pretty on catalog will cause a sprint back on anyone who seats on them, and cannot be stacked for easy storage and just never seem to work. Our designs, Look awesome, work in a huge range of styles from contemporary to modern to futuristic to rave and can be easily  stacked and stored  and cleaned. Ergonomic, stylish and practical. You do not need to sacrifice one to get another.

6th – Customization – Have it your way isn’t just a slogan for fast food restaurants anymore, its your vision, if its not EXACTLY like you envisioned it then it is WRONG. Don’t settle your design expectations and demand Furniture that looks and feels exactly how you need it. You’re the designer, its YOUR vision, Its YOUR hotel, and its YOUR restaurant, its your way or the high way. That is why with Feruci you get a team of upholstery and designers to get the furniture exactly like you need it and delivered to scale, in the colors and shapes you envisioned. Or team is here in the US, and you can speak with them right now!

7th – Trust – Maintaining a 5 star rating on Business, High Point,Customer satisfaction and all metrics. We dare you to find a customer or a designer who was not 100% satisfied with our furniture and service.

8th, There is no 8, give us a call and find out how Feruci and Jaavan patio can help you bring your vision to reality. Today!